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"Celia at Laurel College Consulting was a key resource for my daughter as she began her college research and applications process in her junior year of high school. We couldn't be happier with the whole experience."




"I would HIGHLY recommend Laurel College Consulting. Celia guided my son all of the way through each application, and I was able to step aside. I am happy to say that my son was accepted to each school he applied to. She has a wonderful demeanor with the students and is a pleasure to work with."


"I would highly recommend Laurel College Counseling for any high school senior. Celia was such an amazing supporter throughout my college process. She helped me form a college list with her previous knowledge for the best schools for my particular major. Additionally, with her writing expertise, it was great to have her look over my essays. She offered very appropriate and specific advice, and more importantly, she provided honest feedback for areas that needed improvement and areas that should be left unchanged. Celia is a very knowledgeable college counselor and she is able to answer any questions you may have about the college admissions process. Any high school senior would benefit greatly from Celia's professionalism and ability to simplify and ease a highly stressful process."


"Celia at Laurel College Consulting was a key resource for my daughter as she began her college research and applications process in her junior year of high school. Celia's warm personal interaction, attention to detail and wealth of experience helped my daughter navigate the application process and achieve her goal of acceptance into a specialized global business program at a European university. We couldn't be happier with the whole experience."


"I started with Celia as a Junior with absolutely no idea what I wanted in a college. She helped me figure out exactly where I want to be, and how to get there. Celia was always patient and she pushed me to reach for my goals. She was a tremendous help when it came to brainstorming ideas for, and writing, college essays. Anytime that I had a question about anything regarding college, I knew I could ask Celia and she would reply with a well researched answer. Celia is very knowledgeable and cares a lot about what she does. She is definitely the ideal college counselor, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to apply to college."


"Laurel College Consulting is everything I could ask for in a counseling service, and I recommend it for all high school seniors and students dealing with the college process. Coming into senior year, I had little to no idea on what colleges I should target and how to write the essays. Despite this, Celia was able to assist me in creating a college list consisting of schools that were all to my liking and provided exceptional support in the field I would like to major in. In addition to this, she also helped in the essay process and looked at every single one of my college essays. As a very skilled writer, all of her recommendations and feedback on my essays were useful and made them more cohesive. All high school seniors going through the stressful college process would be able to greatly benefit from Laurel College Consulting and Celia’s knowledge as a college counselor."


"Celia helped me mold my ideas to fit in an essay all while I'm in California and she's in Colorado! But even still I felt fully understood, heard, and represented. She was ready to respond to any of my questions at any time, and never made me feel like the silly questions were wrong. She kept me on track with my deadlines but also allowed me the freedom to get my work done at my own pace. This was my second time around with the college application process but as a transfer student, I would have never guessed that I was her first transfer student because I felt like I could confide in her with all my questions and concerns and she could answer them. She truly made me feel supported."


"When she was my college counselor, Celia thoroughly read my applications, offering specific advice on how to improve my personal statement and supplemental essays. I now attend Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. My dream was to be the first in my family to attend college and am immensely grateful that Celia has made my experience a positive one. Thank you!"


"As a student of color with parents who had no idea what college is, I was only able to apply and get accepted to colleges because of Celia’s unwavering support. From teaching me what colleges are looking for to developing me into the successful young man I am today, Celia’s guidance has changed my life for the better. I am glad I am able to share my college journey with her."


"Celia was incredibly patient when she listened to the ideas I struggled to articulate in my personal statement. She provided me with strategies and tactics to help me move forward to create a cohesive and well-developed essay with a creative approach to accurately represent my strengths and values."


"I had an incredible experience with Laurel College Consulting! I worked with Celia on my college essays and general college information, and I couldn’t recommend it more. She expanded my essays wonderfully, while making sure it was exactly what I wanted to say! I got into every college I applied to! I highly recommend working with Celia for any college endeavors, whether that be essays, general info, or decisions."


Celia was a life saver! As a busy single parent, she worked directly with my daughter to narrow down college choices, meet all application deadlines and complete all applications. My daughter was accepted to her top choices with scholarship offers from all (good and bad—hard to narrow down when you have so many good choices). I am convinced that without Celia we would have been in a different place. It was nice to hear my daughter complaining that none of her friends could hang out because they were still working to meet the admission application deadlines, while her applications had all been submitted two weeks prior. I have recommended her to other friends and highly recommend her to all!


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